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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Energy Apocalypse Challenges

It's funny how this worked. A game I had put off for such a long time because I remember hating it turned into a game I really enjoyed. I will keep uploading walkthroughs for the other challenges as soon as I create them. Funny how opinions change.
Challenge 5

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This deck was shown to me by Live2Die.  A lot of credit goes to him.  I tweaked the deck a little bit and figured out the best way to 'play' it. This strategy was very successful when I tested it on the last six battles(not losing a single one).

Here is what your deck should look like
Gold Mine(11) "Increases your gold production by +2 a second"
Crystal Mine(4) "Increases your crystal production by +2 a second"
Peasant(14) "25 gold to play, 10 gold to summon a single Peasant"
Parting Gift(2) "While in effect any unit killed deals 1 damage to its enemy's portal"

The strategy goes like this. You have two ways to win. One, spamming Peasants or two, damaging the enemy portal through the death of your Peasants while the Parting Gift card is in play. Strategy two works best on the last few battles while strategy one works best on the first few.

At the start of each battle you are going to want 3 or 4 Gold Mines. If you don't get a lucky draw your first time keep restarting until you get a starting hand with 3+ gold mines. Next you are going to want to keep drawing new cards until you get a Cryatal Mine. Play it as soon as possible(Note: you should only play one of your Crystal Mines, the rest were to increase your chances of drawing one sooner rather than later). Next, wait until you draw a Parting Gift card. Once you have one in your hand, play it(requires 25 Gold and 40 Crystals). Once this card is in play you can either summon five Peasants and send them out as fast as you can(in a rush type strategy), or summon five Peasants and send them out in groups of five or ten(to make sure that they die, which damages your enemy's portal.

The beauty of this strategy is that both strategies are working at the same time, even if you are rushing the enemy portal with Peasants some are bound to die resulting in loss of health for the enemy portal.

Using this strategy you should be able to power through battles with little to no effort. Once again, thanks to Live2Die!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hacker Vs Hacker

Hacker Vs Hacker has just gotten badges.
The medium for beating level 7, and a hard to get gold trophies on all levels.
Here's a quick tutorial on how I did level 7 with a gold. 
Another guide to level 8.

Level 9 :D

5 minute guide to level 10
And for level 11

And a newer quicker guide to the gold on level 15.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Upbot Goes Up

Two quick video links for the new UpBot Goes Up game. Hope you guys enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive

This strategy was a combined effort of me and burrito (okay, it was mostly burrito). For both hard badges you will have to take two seperate runs.
For the destroy 7,000 enemies badge, you will consistently want to choose the "grow" upgrade until you are big enough that if you go right in between two upgrades, you get them both. When you start doing this, go through the armor and +1 ally, or the +1 ally and grow (it doesn't really matter which). When you get to the final stage, you will want to fully release your allies (holding down the mouse) and let them do all the work. When you pick up an ally, release the mouse for a second, then hold it back down. It is very hard to lose using this strategy.
Now, for the more difficult badge in my opinion, the speedrun. For this one, you will want to pick up the speed upgrade 90% of the time (if you really need health or something, go for that if you want). try to memorize where ships spawn, and learn to be fast getting in and out of the circle. This youtube video by "ChromeGamer" really helps vizualize the strategy.